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Daylight Savings Time – Petitions challenging it

For a long time Daylight Saving Time practice has been in use. It is greatly felt in the United States of America and other nations that experience the four rotational climatic conditions. First of all, what is this practice called Daylight Saving Time? Daylight Saving Time is a practice that entails adjusting of clocks in certain countries. Summer is particularly the time when it is done to achieve longer evening daylight. It therefore sacrifices normal timelines. The typical scenario is adjusting clocks by one hour just before spring sets in. They are then re-adjusted to usual times during autumn.

The big question would then be, why is this practice undertaken? Are there benefits and demerits of the same? Well, the answer to these questions is not agreeable to many people. Americans for instance have varied reactions on this issue. This is because there are proponents of Daylight Saving Time as well as some antagonists. Pundits posit that in most cases all these people have some verifiable facts to back up their assertions. To back up the controversy, there are already petitions challenging the practice. Findings have been brought forward to support it.

It is good to note that countries that lie along tropics have the biggest use for Daylight Saving Time. Among continents that do not use Daylight Saving Time is Africa. Those who support the use of Daylight Saving Time posit that it increases timelines hence enabling people to undertake leisure activities in the evening. They posit that human health is greatly improved this way. The claims further have it that crime rates are reduced with energy being saved. These claims are however usually challenged by others on several bases.

Petitioners challenging Daylight Saving Time suggest that instead of saving energy the practice actually contributes to its wastage. Case example is their citation that fuel consumption by motor vehicles has been observed to rise due to the practice of Daylight Saving Time. Pundits suggest that energy wastage supersedes the saving. Economically they claim that more costs incurred during the extra hour of daylight translate to a poor economy.

People don’t seem to agree on the effects Daylight Saving Time has on health globally. First, an extra hour translates to more time for leisure which is good for health. However, petitioners who are against the practice argue that the negative health implications outweigh the positives. They have cited research data that suggests that shifting of clocks could increase chances of a person having a heart attack. Sleeping time is disrupted by an hour something that they argue is bad for human health. We can say that as for now, the tag of war continues with petitioners against Daylight Saving Time still pushing for its termination.

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